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The Steamer Has Gone!

Posted by Alison on May 14, 2021 at 2:00 AM

The obvious response is to say; “No, I am still here”. Strange how things transpire. I have experienced those ‘de je vous’ moments. Now what was it! Ah yes. The other day, in the sunshine sawing lengthy wood of twelve feet in length to manageable sizes to make into stakes. My portable work master bench was not really stable enough so I brought the railing of the fence into use and thought I could do with another similar work master bench only for today one to suddenly be advertised into the village mailing list. I missed out but these occurrences happen quite a bit, but, at the same time losing things.

Have I managed to lose things, yes. Firstly, a pair of cufflinks which I had bought my husband in 1984. For a while I did not say anything to him about the loss but I thought they must have been taken. With so many strangers, because that it what and who we were letting into our home, coming in and out you cannot watch everyone. Those working to assess help advise etc are in the house on trust. Of course, it works both ways. So, I was quite upset that they could not be found. I did eventually find the pair in a most unexpected place but found, located, no less. Then there was the wedding certificate after his death… Because so many legal requirements were for the actual documentation rather than copies I actually had sent one copy out instead of the actual certificate but could I find the original. No… Headless chicken. No use but admit I was getting so upset where was our marriage certificate. Ended up getting legal copies of the original at a cost. Of late, my vaccination card has disappeared. Is it St. Anthony I should be asking to find the lost documentation? The problem being that in the process of decorating I have emptied rooms out to paint and then returned items, as best possible, somehow not able to get everything back in! Anyway, when emptying out the study I must have treated the envelope with the necessary vaccination card into the bin for burning rubbish.

Did I tell you about the study? I bet I didn’t. The dormer windows were only held in by the paintwork, time and age had rotted the wood beneath so without ever saying anything to Tony; so as not to upset him. After all what could he have done other than fret. As soon as I could I attained prices for doing the job required and got a marvellous, so it transpired, local company to do the work. They were efficient and clean and tidy and truly recommended by myself though not the cheapest available. I was in actual fact so pleased with the workmanship I got a quote for all the other wooden framed windows around that property that were in different stages of age related issues and some may have lasted a few more years but still required painting. The company again came back with such a good price that I paid a deposit and they came back this year to complete the work. OK I did say that I recognised how clean and tidy they had been but it did not stop me from shutting all the doors to the rooms that had already been given new windows over the years. One room with door firmly shut was the study. I pleased myself with the thought that the computer and all other business essential items were safely out of the way behind the door including handbag and telephone! Once the days work on the windows had been completed and finished satisfactorily. I decided I must check my emails for sales and catch up on the days’ business.

Try as I might. Could I enter the study room. Oh help what has fallen to prevent the door from opening. I went downstairs and retrieved my rule used for measuring material for mask making. Still available in the Mask cupboard outside for free unless anybody feels like making a contribution towards the material used in the process.

I brought the rule back upstairs and ran under the door expecting to here the sound of the metal ladder which may have fallen, as it had been leaning against the wall behind the door. Nope it was not the offender. I was beginning to panic. I was tired. So to the workshop to get a mallet the jemmy cats claw and any other tool that I thought might help effect a break in to the study room. To say I am surprised that they neighbours did not come round is an underestimation. The door was broken down as I wielded the mallet. The hinges brought the frame and plaster work away but access was gained.

The repaired plaster work was my first attempt at plastering so I was quite pleased with the result that was days later.

The door down the culprit recognised. Tony, very wisely, in some aspects had made false skirting boards that could be easily lifted taken outside, painted and when dried returned to position. It was one of these skirting boards that has repositioned itself against the closed door to prevent opening!

Don’t remember if there were any sales that day. All I know is that the study no longer has a door and that the door is down at the end of the garden waiting to be further broken up and burnt ceremonially.

Now it is time for a bath as I need to be clean for the blood taking session tomorrow. Not that I am particularly dirty. I did not work myself into a sweat today and can’t remember when I last did. Even when hammering the stakes into a firm position I still stayed tepid.

Yes this village has become a marvellous community. Really wonderful over the past year of shut down and when my husband died so many strangers as well as people befriended left cards of condolences, some, without ever meeting him.


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