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Thursday, 14 November 2019


Why use Alison to sell through DCB Antiques and DCB Books:



Ways to sell your items: 

Boot and Antique Fairs – prices and costs for pitches and tables impose the initial fees needed to recoup from the sale of your items. Not forgetting the early start, loading vehicles, setting up and sitting in, not necessarily warm comfortable surroundings or weather dependent; which also dictates on visitors and prospective customers.  

No initial fees to recoup from the sale of your items. No early mornings in the damp, dark or cold. No discomfort at all… Just sit back relax in the warm and watch your items sell online.

Garage Sales – setting up, organising, weather dependent and concerns on security, tabletop theft, strangers visiting your home.  

No communication with Buyers or prospective Buyers: all are cared and catered for by Alison. The only time Clients need to have dealings with the Buyers is when larger items of furniture are being collected from fixed address; not stored with Alison. Communications with both parties to confirm that all is well; prior to giving out contact details are made.

High Street Antique and Book Shops – of course you can always try to sell your items to independent traders who must consider their market and overheads so will not necessarily offer the value you had hoped for your items or are guaranteed to be interested in purchasing to sell. Not considering the time traipsing to the shops, car park fees (possibly imposed) ETC.  

Only one place to visit to sell your items (saving shoe leather, parking fees etc.) Initial contact may be made via email to receive FREE valuations prior to selling through DCB Antiques or DCB Books. There is no obligation to sell through Alison’s shops online. ‘Pitfall’ is that money is not handed over immediately until the sale of the Clients’ items. So, if instant cash is required then being a Client is not for you.

House Clearance – most people find the emotional trauma involved in clearing a house, prior to selling the property, is an awful time for them and not until a later time do they wonder what happened to an item of theirs’ that they remembered and now know to be of greater value than the amount given for the contents taken away. At the time they just ‘wanted rid’. The monies paid are not a true match to the value which is understandable as the trader wants to make a living. 

Alison negates the worry of being bamboozled by the strangers entering and giving an overall price on bulk removal of items; that may, later, be wanted returned or recognised for their true value to the Client.

Again, no monies paid up front and no guarantee of a sale but the opportunity to get a reasonable price for items based on the agreed valuations by the Client. If required; the Client may wish to have items returned to them for selling elsewhere etc.

Auction Houses – Take into consideration the fees charged for the services given for selling your items and, if not sold, storage costs unless returned to original owners. Valuations given are not always free and the guide prices are just indications that may be attained from the sale; not set in stone. Also, most people are aware of the amount that they would like for their treasures but rarely does the sale reach the amount hoped for or anticipated; especially once the Auction house fees are deducted. A reserve price placed on your sale item may be given but does not necessarily get reached on the day of the sale. 

No hidden fees charged by Alison to the Client or to the Buyer. Suggested storage fees to the Client has been considered but not in force at present.

The fact that your item, as the Client, is in DCB Antiques or DCB Books for sale. Means that it is seen by a wider audience; home and abroad. So, Worldwide sales are made frequently.

For additional storage information; once your item is placed for sale, at the agreed selling price; photographed and all relative information taken down. The item is wrapped carefully for safe keeping and storage to prevent any possible damage, especially when fragile and in preparation for the sale and dispatch to the Buyer.

FREE valuations are given by Alison based on previous online sales, asking prices and recognised retailers prices. If an item of value needs confirmation of its’ authenticity and true value; then Specialists in the subject are used by Alison. When Specialists are used, notice is given to the Client that this course of action has been taken and the reasons why. All charges imposed by the Specialist is covered in the cost to the Buyer; who in turn will get the information received of authenticity and value. This does not detract from the amount of monies due to the Client.

Online Auction and Selling Platforms – Again consideration should be given to the amount charged for using the sites and the costs, sometimes, hidden imposed. E.g. charge made for initial listing, charge from the sale of the item inclusive of postage and packaging charges; and then, as well, the cost of using banks for payment online. 

Listing fees? No

Final selling fees (inclusive of P&P)? No

Paypal charges? Included in the small percentage added by Alison to take this into consideration.

Yet again this highlights the position of the Client who will receive the amount as agreed from the outcome of the initial valuation given.


I, Alison, as you may already be aware provides a FREE service online selling on behalf of Clients. Giving a FREE valuation, with no obligation to sell through Alison’s websites, prior to listing online in DCB Antiques or DCB Books.

The Clients agree the price that they wish to receive from the sale of their items any additional costs are taken care of by myself e.g. the wrapping material used, posting, handling the customers queries, storage solutions etc.

All the Clients need to do is to recommend their associates, family, friends to visit the sites; most purchases are made by these recommendations; they are all prospective customers. One out of ten directed to DCB Antiques or DCB Books will see an item that they like; recognise the great value and purchase from the sites. Sit back and watch the sales and await payment.

As Clients know what they are going to receive from the sale of their items additional costs added are for the overheads and to cover the costs of selling. All postage and shipping costs, breakages, lost items in the post, customer queries are dealt with by me: not by the Client or the Customer.

Advertising is too expensive so reliant totally, via ‘word and mouth’, and the above is the only way we get the customers to purchase your items from DCB Antiques and DCB Books. Good Feedback is essential to give the trust to others to visit and purchase from the online stores. I investigated online independent feedback services, but all required a percentage from the sale which outweighed the cost of the items being sold.

For the past years it has been evident and obvious that I could not run it as an ongoing business to even make pocket money from the sale of the items submitted. This has been dictated and compounded by my initial view and remaining stubborn opinion, by myself, that Clients should receive from the sale of their items the monies that they want to receive. Not to be disappointed that only a small percentage was received from the sale because of the charges imposed by others.

The items are the Clients possessions until point of sale at any time they can request their return or change of value. Please give 24 hours’ notice prior to collecting.

Some Clients are selling the items on behalf of Charity – this is rarely noted within the item listings so as not to deflect from others. I am more than happy to officiate this requirement so please do not hesitate to ask me to forward a percentage of the sales or all the monies received from the sales to the Charity of your choice. Now, some of the charities benefitting are; Brownbread Horse Rescue, Cancer Research UK, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Kidney Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Myton Hospices; to mention a few. So, when purchasing from DCB Antiques or DCB Books you may also be giving to a Charity.

I do not run a high street shop, my services are given freely, a non-profit making business.

I do, however, enjoy the social aspect; meeting lovely people who are willing to allow me to sell their items on their behalf. Customers who are so praising of the service that I give and that they have received. The enjoyment that I get from being able to work from home and benefit from the ever-expanding learning experience that Antiques and Books have to provide.

***FOR THE CUSTOMERS Quality Guaranteed at Unbeatable Unbelievable Good Value. Friendly Service. No Quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the Item Is Received Broken or Damaged Send Photographic Evidence for Money Back - No Need for Shipping Returns. Any Questions? Ask Alison***

Thank You to All My Lovely Clients AND to Our Customers Prospective Old and New.


For further information contact Alison:

Alison@dcbantiques.com or Alison@dcb-books.com

Visit regularly as further items are being listed: DCB Antiques and/or DCB Books

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